Data driven dynamic video

Video Affectivity can be powered by external data and feeds. Our system can render different videos for all the data and variables you have. This makes sure that you have super relevant video campaigns.

Data feed integration in video

We can make your video ads as relevant as possible using external data feeds. Think about location data, product feed or your price feed. We create individual video assets for all the different variables that you have available.
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Actionable insights + AB(CD) testing your video ads

Our interface allows you to easily create new sets of ads. The different sets can vary in terms of colors, visuals and copy. Using your different ads you can quickly test different video alternatives for maximum results.
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social fit
Embrace all social formats and create truly fit for channel social advertising
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campaign designer
Launch your campaigns from one single entry point across all your channels
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content space
Access and store all your assets, creatives and full campaign concepts
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