Create and design social posts and ads in seconds

With Social Fit you can translate your message into any social content or adformat in seconds. Design truly fit for channel communication and bring it there where your customer is. Social Fit is a tool that helps you to create the content based on templates, and publish with one single click.
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Design your own content

Using our advanced templating system you and your team can create social content, fully fitting your brand guide. You can drag and drop and instantly see the result. And more. In one single go you can create your content for any social format!
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Instantly publish your social campaign

We connect instantly with all the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This allows you to instantly publish your content and even fully schedule your paid advertising campaigns. Of course with your tactics and your structure.
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Data optimized ads

Social Fit integrates all data feeds. Think of real time visuals and dynamic video. So unlock your data and create the best social ads out there.
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Focus on how to be social not on how to do social
Our vision on online campaigns
Seamless campaigns
We integrate all your agencies and partners in one custom workflow that lets you get your message out there across any platform seamlessly.
Save time
By automating the creative production and the ad buying across platforms, you save time and can focus on what is truly essential.
We create an intuitive tech agnostic shell that allows you as a marketeer to create and publish your campaigns in minutes.


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