One click publishing

After you've created your own display ad set, it’s time to publish it. Our platform makes sure that you can do that in seconds in one single click.

Connecting to all the channels

Our display ads can be published to all the major channels. We are connected to e.g. Google Ads and DV360. We package your display ads in zips and automatically create your fallback images.

Matching your standards

We all know that you should have a standardized structure in your published ads and campaign setup. We set up the campaign structure with all of your standards integrated. This makes sure you comply with the company rules and makes sure you can track all the events in your campaign.

Our Publish Engine

Cape created the Publish Engine to traffic all of your campaigns. That’s how we can instantly publish to various channels including DV360, Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads, but also the social channels. All fully flexible.
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social fit
Embrace all social formats and create truly fit for channel social advertising
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publish engine
Schedule and publish via the APIs of Facebook and GMP with one single click
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video affectivity
Let affection meet effectivity and create dynamic videos that connect
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