Easily manage marketing assets

Content Space has an advanced system for organizing your digital assets. This makes sure that you can easily find the right asset at the right time.

Uploading and previewing different formats

Content Space allows you to upload various file types. This includes images (in JPG/PNG/PSD/AI/..) format, audio, video, zip and all other formats. We generate previews of most assets, so we make sure that you can instantly see them.

Tagging and metadata

We make sure your metadata gets enriched. We do that by customized tagging options for your company, but also by smart data insights that tag your content automatically. This allows you to easily organize your content.
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Safe assets

We make sure your assets are safe. We can make sure that your assets need to be approved by the right people. But also, you can manage the lifetime of an asset, to make sure your colleagues cannot use old images.

Sharing your assets

You can instantly share your files with external partners, agencies and colleagues. Get rid of the long mail string, but make sure they always have the latest assets.
social fit
Embrace all social formats and create truly fit for channel social advertising
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publish engine
Schedule and publish via the APIs of Facebook and GMP with one single click
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video affectivity
Let affection meet effectivity and create dynamic videos that connect
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